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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Firstly, I'm awfully sorry for the lack of updates and disappearing off the radar for a bit. I've been lurking for the most part, and I feel terrible. Mais, j'ai une excuse! Ariana is prone to catching every fucking illness out there, so she's been off school for the past two weeks. Swine flu? Likely, since my lack of immune system seems to be giving up on me. I was forced to the doctor's office, and now they want blood tests. Sorry to burst your shiny, sanitized bubble Mr. Doctor, but that won't be an option. I believe I am not a ragdoll, so therefore, I refuse! No tests for Ariana. So they stocked me up on drugs instead. I think I'm high on vapor rub, I've been sniffing it all day.

My eating has been good, normal, terrible, but no worries, that will change! Ariana feels on top of the world right now, which is a very selfish exclamation, especially since my eating was unexplainable yesterday. I found a new way to curb my cravings, yes I have! I shove a spoonful of yogurt in my mouth and stop whining, run downstairs to my cave, and read all your lovely blogs. This yogurt is my new best friend. 35 calories in 100 ml, 600 ml in a big ass container. And it tastes amazing. Except for the aspartame, which in gnawing away at my knees and wrists. Oh, joy.

My biggest rant today, is the fucking male species. Why must one enter my life at such a critical point?! Meeting the most amazing boy is one thing, liking him and having him like you back is a whole other situation. I'm sorry Mr. Amazing, but I can't get involved with you. Now, let me return to my self-centered antics and lock me up in my box where the walls are plastered with thin models and screaming girls. If I can't make time for my friends, then you certainly don't stand a chance. Oh, I feel so horribly guilty! But life goes on, I doubt he would've lasted with me and my wired mind.

Enough of my whining, moaning and ranting, I hope all you amazing girls and guys are still going strong, and hopefully doing better than I am. Talking about my eating, I've had around 50 calories already today, from yogurt and le café and hopefully that piggish monster sleeping in the pit of my stomach won't wake up and try to claw her way into my head and tear apart my plans.

Now, I must go get my new phone, so I have an excuse not to catch up on the shitload of work I've missed at school. Oh, the wonders of life.

If there happens to be any typos, blame the insomnia. And thank you to all the amazing followers! I love you all.

Stay Strong && Think Thin

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  1. I'm sorry you've been sick, darling, and i hope you feel better very soon. Stay strong as far as food goes; it sounds like you're doing splendidly!