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Friday, October 16, 2009

My, my, it's been three days. Wednesday I was too ashamed to post, Thursday I was too lazy to post, but today seems okay I am thinking. Since it's been brought up, Wednesday was all binge-mode. I can't even recall what I ate, I was in a drunken haze of calories. Yesterday my intake was 600, and today has been 450, so it's good to be back on track.

The biggest reason I'm posting is because I need somewhere to rant. Shocker, I know. I did promise I wouldn't whine anymore, but this deserves to be ranted about. They now have a Starbucks in our shitty little town. This is fucking huge. Starbucks was my saviour, my love, my heroine when I lived in the city. When I moved to where I currently live now, I found out they didn't have it. I almost had heart failure. And just when I'm getting used to not having my daily dose of love, they bring it over here? Fuck you, Starbucks. You and your amazing, calorie-filled cappuccinos. My mom also got these amazing sugar cookies. They only sell them on Valentines and Halloween, and they're fucking good. I had one yesterday and today, but I honestly can't wait until they're gone. They're is 180 calories in one of those little fuckers. That's a big ass dent in my intake. I want to pull my hair out and lock myself in my room. I can arrange that. /rant

Oh wait, one more thing. It's snowing. It's fucking snowing. Is mother nature mad at this little place? Did we do something to upset you? I apologize for all of us. So please, just bring back the fucking Fall. It's the only season I like.

I had to go back to the doctor's office again. Poke, poke, poke. I'm on iron supplements and some other shit. I blocked out the bitch completely and let my mom listen, since she insisted on coming. All I know is that they want more of my blood. Holy shit.

This post sounds intellectual. Sarcasm.


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  1. :( feel better. i hope the doctor visits will be done soon