WARNING: you're entering the zone of a disordered freak. beware.

Monday, August 31, 2009

under her spell.

i'm pretty proud of myself today.
starting off this morning, i had a cup of coffee which woke me right up.
i then decided i'd try fast today if my parents didn't force feed me, so i didn't eat anything.
then i saw the poptarts.
i wasn't even tempted.
i also horseback ride, and have been for years.
i rode hardcore for ninety minutes.
riding is major work, yet most people don't believe it.
it felt so good; i felt light, airy, and weak.
it helps me sit in the saddle better do, and just go with the rhythm.
then i came home.
my mom placed out a whole bowl of tomato soup and two slices of bread.
she then went through to the livingroom, but my dad kept.. lingering.
when he went to another room, i gradually put pieces of bread in my pockets.
i ate one part of the crust in front of him, just so no suspicions were raised.
i took tiny little spoonfuls of the soup, and i didn't eat much at all.
there was some part of me, telling me off for eating.
i dumped the soup down the sink and cleaned off my bowl.
although it wasn't a fast, it was under 100 cals.
the can was 284mL, 100 cals per 100mL.
i only took a few bites, so i'm guessing it's under 100 cals?
it was pure tomato soup too, so it was somewhat healthy.


  1. I'm sure you were even under 50 Calories. Good job being so strong. Keep it up, darling.

  2. Well done, hon!!
    I'm pretty sure it was way under 100.