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Friday, August 28, 2009

overcoming obstacles;

yesterday went well, i didn't eat after supper.
i had a cup of coffee, which was 20 cals, bringing my total up to 500 cals.
but i didn't binge.
i had the major urge to, but i sat down and watched tons of thinspo vids.
it helped, ALOT.
i'm going to aim lower for the next few days, and hopefully i'll get a day to fast.

i stepped on the scale today and it said 112 lbs.
one hundred and twelve. fucking. pounds.
what the fuck?!
my stomach has gone DOWN, and i'm starting to see improvement.
now the scale is being a fucking bitch.
it was apparently FIXED.
is that water weight?
i don't know.
it better fucking be.

does anyone know any effective excercises i can do in the house?
without machines, or anything.
i do the normal; sit-ups, crunches, jumping jacks, push ups.
but i need more.
there's supposed to be tropical storm the next few days, and i need something to keep me busy.

today i've had:
two rice krispie squares: 180 cals
three glasses of water: 0 cals
total: 180 cals

hopefully i'll get some fruit or veg in at supper.
or i'll just drink juice. idk.

stay beautiful xoxo

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