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Saturday, August 22, 2009

fat fat fat.
i feel like a pig to be quite honest. i've ate like an obese forty year old virgin for the past two days because my parents wont get off my fucking back. friday night i told them i was sick and it was honestly quite believable. but my mom was being a bitch and forced me to eat. i wasn't going to refuse, because she'd grill me with questions because that's how paranoid she is. i binged this morning too, and i honestly have no idea why. there was no fucking reason, i just did. i'm currently at 106.6lbs last time i weighed, but like everything else it's effed up. i'm going food free for a couple days, and if i absolutely have to eat, i'm not going over 200 cals. mostly just to stop suspicions from being raised. liquid fast, here i come.

i don't even know why i'm writing these blogs, no one reads them. x)

and after re-reading my post, i sound fucking insane. i'm honestly not. i'm just about go apeshit on this laptop, that's all ;)

stay beautiful xoxo

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