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Monday, August 24, 2009

My mother seems to be 'supervising' me now while i eat. :\ She'll sit there and watch me, every bite, every swallow, every. fucking. thing. What have I being doing differently now that I have been the past few months? Nothing. Now all of a sudden she's.. there. Thank god she works. Oh, the day when I get out this hell hole can't come fast enough.. My liquid fast lasted a day before my mom shoved food down my throat. It felt digusting, in all honesty. I love the faint, light feeling from being hungry. I love it. I want it to stay forever and ever. I did lie about saying I wasn't going to weigh myself, but the mere curiosity pulls me to it. It never tells the truth though, and I'm actually telling the truth on that. One hour I'm 85lbs and the next I'm 284lbs. (lolwhut) I'll be working my ass off tomorrow to burn those useless calories, and I think I'll pull an all nighter tonight. Mostly because I've had three cups of black coffee and I'm on an amazing kind of high. Oh, how I love caffeine. I won't be eating unless it's supper, because the parental units are pissbags.

How could I forget something so important? A follower i seem to have. (; thank you, darling.

stay beautiful xoxo

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