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Thursday, August 27, 2009

controlling binges

today i have had:

half a yoghurt - 4o cals
rice krispie square - 90 cals
microwave pasta meal - 350 cals (damn.)

total: 480 cals

not bad i guess, eating through the day to keep my metabolism going.

going to start working out more, too.

i feel like a cow.
fat fat fat.

yesterday was horrible.
after supper i ALWAYS have the urge to BINGE.
it's disgusting.
so i guess in total i had around 1000 cals yesterday?

i need something to curb my binges, but nothing seems to be working.

when i do binge, i have that 'i don't need this, why am i doing it?' feeling.
then i feel awful and guilty, and want to cry.
it's horrible.

i have a headache.
felt the need to complain.
anyways, i'll update tomorrow possibly.

stay beautiful xoxo

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