WARNING: you're entering the zone of a disordered freak. beware.

Friday, February 26, 2010

day five.

intake: tea, four fish sticks, peanut butter toast, six hundred calories.
i would have much preferred if i'd substituted that peanut butter for margarine. oh fuck ariana.

okay, new rules just because:

-- eight hundred calories a day max.
-- mix them up each day; fool miss metabolism here.
-- try and exercise you lazy bastard.
-- no forbidden foods.

what forbidden foods, ariana?
these little bitches right here.
-- peanut butter.
-- cookies.
-- chips.
-- chocolate.
-- ice cream.
-- anything fattening basically.

anything else i can add to this list?

ariana, xoxo.


  1. For me, the easiest way to cut out food groups was by being as public about it as possible. . .
    in other words, I have been openly a vegetarian for 4 years now

    & after this past summer, I became a vegan. It was hard at first, but over the past few monthes it has just gotten easier.

    so I'm not saying you should be a vegan. but if you maybe tell people what foods you don't want to eat, it makes it easier because than they are watching you too.
    Like from your list. . . maybe you can just cut out dairy in general

    hope that helps

  2. Oh peanut butter... it gets me every single time. :/
    Stay strong, darling. I know you'll do great with your new rules.

  3. sounds wonderful! Don't forget to drink mucho water!!

  4. We don't have peanut butter at home :)
    which is a life saver cause I really can't deal with it!

    Btw. Your plan looks great!

  5. I love the new layout!

  6. i just put anything with real sugar in it as a no on my list. :) mmmm artificial sweeteners...

    great thinspo! that picture took my breath away
    stay strong