WARNING: you're entering the zone of a disordered freak. beware.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

day two.

Intake; small low-fat pizza, handful of cereal, four hundred calories.

J knows. I told him, because really, I've told him everything about me. He knows more about me than my own mother. He has been through a pretty deep past, with thoughts of suicide, killing, what not. He says I should be scared of him, but in all honesty, I scare myself more than he scares me. Although he wants me to go see someone about these thoughts and habits, he won't make me he says. He says he'll respect my decisions, as long as I don't kill myself. I'm fucking scared that someone else knows. He holds my future in his hands.
I'll post pictures of my piercing when I build up the confidence to do so.
Ariana, xoxo.


  1. ahh I can relate to this so much. My boyfriend is just the same. And I don't know where I would be without him, he's the reason im holding on :) <3

  2. cant wait to see your piercing!
    thats so great that he isnt pressuring you too much about getting help. im pretty sure C knows something is up with me but he couldnt care less honestly as long as i dont get dangerously skinny. stay strong