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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

day three.

i love summer skies in the winter. it gives me that shimmer of hope that one day, the warmth won't only linger on the glass the sun shines through, but it will actually touch my soul and warm up my heart. if only.

i wish i could stop dreaming and wake up, but this empty, shaky feeling just feels too good to give up. i've been craving this feeling for so fucking long.

i wish i could see the world in a beautiful, poetic way all the time. i see glances of this place, but they go as soon as they arrive. then i'm back to the sight of this small, cold, grey town.

i'm a dreamer with an imagination too big in comparison with reality.

intake; slice of bread, one cookie, two slices of toast with margarine, four hundred and fifty calories.

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