WARNING: you're entering the zone of a disordered freak. beware.

Friday, February 12, 2010

bonjour, mes amies.

alors, i am back from québec. and i am tired, i am restless, i am pissed off, i am frustrated, my mind is running a million miles an hour, and most of all, i am fat.

fatty fat fat fat fatty fat fat.

i ate three meals a day; nothing more, nothing less. mostly because i was too scared to order food. it's pathetic that i'll use french around my friends and at school, but in public? fuck it. i can hardly speak to people in english without stuttering, staring at the ground, or making things unbearably awkward. ariana, get a life.

i have french and english and other things i do not want oozing out of my brain. stay back in, please. i do not want this to get messy.


all healthy food, no yucky-gross-extremely-fattening foods. only exception is if this kind of food is served for dinner when with my parents. for the next seven days, i will report every single calorie i inhale right here. i will do it.

because ariana, this is do or die.


  1. don't feel bad,I eat too much sometimes,and i only realise it AFTER I've eaten everything.

  2. When I binge, I manage to shut off my brain completely while I'm eating. It's a really bad habit because only after I have consumed every calorie in the house do I start to hate myself.

  3. try not to beat yourself up, you did great in my opinion, the fact that you were strong enough to avoid a binge is a win to me.
    stay strong

  4. You didn't do badly at all. You didn't binge, and that's at least a first step. You can get back on track, sweetheart. Just keep your goals in mind and try as hard as you can. You've got this!