WARNING: you're entering the zone of a disordered freak. beware.

Friday, February 5, 2010

monday, tuesday, wednesday; 700-900 calories.
thursday; 200 calories.
friday so far; 250 calories.

i'm in a bingey-let's-eat mode. stay away from the kitchen, go elsewhere. i need gum, but i can't find any
don't eat. don't eat. don't eat. don't eat.
fuck, i hate myself.
sorry i haven't been commenting for the past few months. i'm scared too, to be honest. scared that i can give advice, but not live up to my own. ffffffuck.
i do read them all, i promise i really do.
ariana, xoxo


  1. don't worry! i am CONSTANTLY giving advice and not following it myself. i think giving advice to others (at least in this venue) is also a way of giving advice to ourselves. it's much easier to be stronger for other people than it is for ourselves and i think that it makes us stronger for ourselves in the process. plus, comments don't have to be full of advice, silly! you can just say hi :D

    xx x

  2. ha ha this sounds like me and my brain

  3. Aw, hun, i always give advice and can't follow it. Don't feel bad. Seems like you're doing pretty good. Stay strong.

  4. I hardly follow the advice that I give to others. Hang in there.