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Friday, September 4, 2009

her hipbones are amazing.

i went shopping yesterdayyy. got a new bag for school and things. we were in the superstore and my mom asked me if i wanted something. i came back with gum, because i seriously needed it. her attitude.. changed. in the car, she flipped. she. FLIPPED. out. she kept asking me what was wrong, if i was trying to lose weight, why i wasn't eating as much, why i was eating healthier. she just notices NOW?! i've been doing this for months, as i've previously mentioned. then she totally stepped out of line. she said i was just like my real dad. i believe that's the same guy she criticizes all the time, saying he ruined her life, lied to her, and stuff like that? yes. apparently, i'm just like him. i totally freaked out. then i suddenly burst into tears, DAMNIT. i totally shut her out, though. answered NOTHING. she wants to weigh me and wants me to see a doctor. i told her fuck no, and i'm not a kid anymore. than ended the conversation perfectly. i know it's her job to be concerned, but being in my fucking face ALL the time wasn't part of the deal.

so that pissed me off last night, but i didn't anymore, and that's all that matters.

i had a dentist appointment this morning. i had to get ceiling touch ups on my back teeth. holy shit, it tastes disgusting. it tastes like bile. they said not to eat gum for two hours.


too fucking bad.

my mom made me eat cereal, so that's 200 calories already today. damn. i'll have supper, then that's it. i may have coffee/tea, or my beautiful Crystal Lite. i think all day about what i'll write on my blog, then i forget. typical.

stay strong && think thin

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  1. Wow her hipbones are like... sharp! It makes me think i could cut my hand on them if i pressed too hard... Weird thought, huh? But i like it.

    Wow. Your mom was quite out of line for freaking out on you like that. I hope she lays off soon. Stay strong!