WARNING: you're entering the zone of a disordered freak. beware.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

satellite heart, lost in the dark.

intake so far; grapes, pizza, between five and six hundred calories..

the last few days have been at around five hundred. the fat girl inside-- and out! -- is being rather quiet. there are times where she'll crawl up my throat and threaten to reveal herself, but the skinny would-be self manages to drag her back down.

my jeans are too big. i keep having to pull them up, which is rather exciting. i'm feeling a little skinnier, too. still fat, but it's an improvement.

i have exams in exactly thirteen days, and i can't concentrate on studying. it's quite ridiculous, seeing how i have done this plenty of times and have sworn to change, but never do. ariana, tu es une idiote.

sorry i haven't been commenting, but i have been reading, i swear. i can't pick up the courage to give someone advice when i can hardly do it myself. i will get back in to it though, i promise.

ariana, xoxo.


  1. It's not that easy to change, you can't just say it and expect it to be done. Trust me, I've tried.

  2. Ah i love it when my pants are always falling down! You're right, love: you will get back to your former skinny-girl self in no time. Stay strong.