WARNING: you're entering the zone of a disordered freak. beware.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

intake: one cinnamon muffin, small granola bar, three fish sticks, two slices toast, five hundred and twenty two calories.

meh, i would've liked better, but it's okay. the last few days have been horrible, so it's nice to be restricting today.

kim said.. 95lbs?! u must be pretty short in order for that to look good.

unfortunately, i am. i'm five feet and one inch. it seriously sucks.

i'm going to go out and buy a pretty food journal, making sure i obsess over every calorie i write down. my weight has been staying the same for the past couple of weeks, so hopefully writing down my sins will stop me from eating more than i'm supposed to. nobody wants to look back at failures.

my boyfriend is being a fucking asshole. he's being blunt, pissy, and clingy. maybe it's just me.

ariana, xoxo.


  1. Good luck in keeping up with that food journal! I am so jealous, you weigh 95 pounds. That weight is impossible for me because I'm 5'9" and I'll probably be hospitalized before I reach that weight!

    Don't worry about your boyfriend. At least you have one. I wish I had a boy friend. (¬_¬")

  2. a journal always works :)
    obsesing over every single calorie no matter how tiny does too.
    i hope you get whetever you wanna get :)
    good luck (with your goals and with your boyfriend)

  3. i really like your blog. your beautifully truthful. hard to find souls like yours. good luck with him, everything will be ok. x

  4. A journal is a great idea. I think it really helps you to be more aware of everything you eat. Stay strong, dearie.